$20 pays 2 weeks on a set of tires
Don’t wreck your car, or your bank account!

Rent brand new tires!

Accidents Happen...

Don’t Take Any Chances
With Old Tires This Spring.

  • Renting is easy, safe, and hassle-free
  • No credit check
  • Professional installation
  • Brand name tires

Stay Safe &
Drive With Confidence

No one likes buying tires. But your car, job, and family depend on reliable tires to get from "A" to "B" safely. r2o tires allows you to get BRAND NEW, NAME BRAND tires at an affordable weekly rate with all the benefits of r2o products. No credit check, no hassle, no more used tires!

One Less Thing To Worry About

Make the right call and stay safe


How It Works

Find What’s
Right For You

Fill out the form with all of your information & submit for approval


r2o will approve your order & set up a time for you to visit our nearest store

Complete Your

Come in to the store to meet with an r2o associate & make your 1st payment*

Roll Out
On New Tires

r2o will arrange to have your new tires installed within the next 48 hours

*2 weeks payment required for installation

Real Testimonials from Real People

Jimmy Stone, Wilmington, OH

"They (the tires) are absolutely awesome! I'm so glad that you started this. I have rented here for a long time and never would have thought I could rent tires. I can afford them and they fit my truck perfect"

Edith Lester, Wilmington, OH

“ If you wouldn’t have told me about your tire program I would have got used tires because I can’t afford new tires. I love them!”

Mary Pope, Wilmington, OH

“ I can pay less than $100 a month for 4 brand new tires for my little Neon. I don’t have to stop for air anymore!”

Why r2o Tires?

Whether you need 1, 2, or 4 tires for your vehicle, nobody else in town has more options of tires that you can rent to own. Renting brand name tires from us is easy, it's safe, and it's hassle free. That's because there is never any credit check slowing the process, we offer low weekly or monthly payment options, and you never incur any debt. We'll even schedule to have one of our trusted partners install your tires for you. No more used tires!

We'll always give you our best selection of new brand name tires. In as little as 52 weeks, once you've made your last rental payment, you will own your tires. Check out this new tire financing option today! We always offer 120 days same as cash too!

  • Renting is easy, safe, and hassle-free
  • No credit check
  • Low weekly or monthly payments*
  • No debt incurred
  • Professional installation
  • Trusted partners
  • Brand name tires
  • No more used tires
  • 120 days same as cash
  • Own NEW tires in 52 weeks! (most sizes)
  • *2 weeks payment required for installation

Common Tire Pricing
Chevy Malibu: P215/60R16$20/week
Dodge Caravan: 225/65R17$25/week
Ford Focus: P195/65R15$21/week
Chrysler Town & Country 225/65R17$23/week
Ford Explorer: 235/70R16$20/week
Ford Taurus: P215/60R17$20/week
Dodge Avenger: P215/60R17$25/week
Ford F150: 245/70R15$22/week
Honda Accord: P215/60R16$20/week


When you need new tires, you want to make sure you’re getting the best quality for the best price.
r2o provides you with the top brand names in tires and makes paying for them easy and affordable.

* Tire brands and models vary by location

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Tire Safety FAQ

The condition of your vehicle’s tires affects your driving. Simple things like checking your tires for tread wear and keeping the right amount of tire pressure will help keep you safe. Not sure how? Check out our video tutorials to learn more about tire safety.